• Commercial Warehousing
  • Containment of Shipments
  • Inventory Control
  • Repackaging
  • Container Management
  • Dunnage
  • Quality Inspection
  • Inspection & Sorting
  • Kitting
  • Some Light Assembly


The Omni Warehouse is part of LB Transportation Group that provides public and contract warehousing for those of you who need a facility to store your products and goods securely for any duration period. You can choose a month-to-month contract or decide to lease space six months or longer at any given time. With the prime location of our new warehousing facility in Bridgeport, Michigan, we will meet your time-sensitive deadlines to transport your products efficiently and effectively on a continual basis.

When you choose Omni Warehouse for your public or contract warehousing needs you will receive top-notch service to include many benefits. For example: if you have shipments that need to be contained, sorted, inspected, or reworked, we include these services within your contract as well. And because we understand that time is money earned or money wasted, we use a high-end inventory control system for quick and efficient means of keeping track of your products.

If you’re looking for a safe, well maintained facility to keep you goods and products protected, Omni Warehouse is the place for you. We value your business and are happy to show you around our modern and upgraded warehousing operation.

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