With the use of our straight trucks, standard cargo vans, truck and trailer, air freight, and being members of the Air Cargo Incorporated (ACI), we are certain you will be satisfied with all of our transportation services and prices! Let us be your choice to deliver your products and goods to its final destination.







Along with the incredible team at LB Transportation Group, we have the privilege of owning and operating high quality equipment and a variety of vehicles to transport your products safe and sound. We have a wide range of transportation services available, to include, truck and trailer, cargo vans, straight trucks (24 feet in length), as well as air freight delivery.

Since our headquarter office is centrally located within the Tri-Cities area, your air freight and cargo shipments can be picked up and dropped off to either the MBS or Detroit Metro airport without any hassle or confusion. This variety of transportation methods has helped us expand our domestic logistics operations from shipping within the U.S. and Canadian boarders to being able to serve foreign and international clientele around the world. We have a specific division that handles all internal shipments due to the special guidelines and procedures involved.

Every delivery will be tailored around your needs and time frame. We are able to work in real time to manage your shipment, which is why we deal with many just-in-time (JIT) deliveries. JIT affords you to receive your products when you need them so you don’t have to keep inventory on hand. Our business is equipped with not only vehicles of transportation, but we have the storage facilities, dedicated workers, along with the necessary supplies and materials necessary to secure all shipments.

LB Transportation Group also offers an advanced computerized tracking system so you can see where your shipment is at all times during transport. In order to utilize this great tracking service, please call our dispatch anytime of day. It’s easy and will put your mind at ease knowing where your products are at any given moment.

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