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We have a variety of vehicles available to transport your products safe and sound. Our available transportation services include: truck and trailer, cargo vans, straight trucks (24 feet in length), as well as air freight delivery.

We are centrally located within the Tri-Cities area and your air freight and cargo shipments can be picked up and dropped off at either the MBS or Detroit Metro airport without any hassle or confusion. This variety of transportation methods has helped us expand our domestic logistics operations. We have a specific division that handles all internal shipments due to the special guidelines and procedures involved.

Every delivery will be tailored around your needs and time frame. We are able to work in real time to manage your shipment, which is why we deal with many just-in-time (JIT) deliveries. JIT affords you to receive your products when you need them so you don’t have to keep inventory on hand. Our business is equipped with not only transportation, but we have the storage facilities, dedicated workers, and the necessary supplies and materials necessary to secure all shipments.

LB Omni also offers an advanced computerized tracking system so you can see where your shipment is at all times during transport. In order to utilize this great tracking service, please call our dispatch any time of day. It’s easy and will put your mind at ease knowing where your products are at any given moment.


The logistics operation can be a smooth process or it can be a nightmare depending on what company you use. With LB Omni, you will receive the first of the two experiences, smooth and efficient. We take the experience and knowledge of our entire company to administer exceptional customer care while delivering your products within the given time frame.

Logistics is quite interesting in that nothing would be possible without a great group of individuals who contribute their time, expertise and ideas to continuously improve each division. We are your go-to business that utilizes it’s time and operation in order to move your products from Point A to Point B. Throughout the logistics process, there is much coordination with our staff and yourself to ensure a timely delivery. Each day this process is implemented with everyone working together.

Over the years, we have been able to refine our logistics operation so we can make our services more affordable than using other companies. Our team is committed to making your experience memorable and special. In doing so, we hire self-starters who are driven to succeed in all they do. This positive, can-do attitude within our company allows us to offer a variety of delivery options.

The logistics of every shipping situation is different. We’re ready to confront any obstacles that arise by paying close attention to the smallest of details involving your order. Whether you are shipping locally or across the United States, LB Omni can and will deliver your shipment in timely manner.


At LB Omni, we are committed to providing you with dedicated transport services through and through. With our well trained and friendly office team to our drivers who deliver your products, you will be treated with respect and professionalism whenever you work with us. One of our goals is to make sure your products are delivered in an effortless manner on time.

Our management team constantly reviews our logistical operations to see where we can make significant improvements to carry on with our dedicated transport services. In doing so, we utilize an electronic tracking system to make the necessary corrections or modifications. This system makes the shipping and billing process run smoothly as well.

With a dynamic team of individuals, modern technology and equipment, top of the line vehicles and other means of transportation, combined with years of expertise, that’s what makes us such a dedicated transport company. While we recognize every shipping request is unique and different, our logistics cycle continues for every client. You will be treated with the same dedication and commitment so you have an excellent shipping experience.

Refining our processes and procedures affords us to keep the transportation costs low and manageable for you. Part of our dedicated transport commitment is being able to help you determine what shipping methods are best for you. If you inquire about a specific type of delivery option and we are able to find a better solution at a lower cost for you, we’ll let you know. When you choose our company to handle your shipping needs you will receive honest and dependable service.