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Quality Inspection


LB Omni provides quality inspection services to ensure your products and services meet the required standards of operations. We are equipped with the right tools, equipment and team of inspectors to make this process run as smoothly as possible. All of our inspectors are certified and experienced to identify any parts and equipment that needs to be serviced.

Every quality inspection is done according to specific ISO 9001 standards. This affords us the assurance that all products and services are being handled in the correct manner. And most importantly, that the finished products are safe for consumer use.

The process for a quality inspection could be fairly quick or it could be lengthy. Either way, our inspectors are ready to handle any project of any scope. Should our inspectors encounter any issues with a particular part, you will be notified right away as to what steps are necessary to make the corrections.

All of the results from every inspection are available electronically for your review at any given time so you’re kept in the loop. The software programs we use also allow us to provide you with statistics of how your previous shipments compare along with many other great features. You will be given access rights to these results upon signing up for our services.

Time is of the essence when trying to turn around products that are safe and reliable for consumers. That’s why our convenient location provides quality inspection services with a fairly quick response time from our inspectors. This in turn gives us ample time to prepare your shipments for delivery.