The logistics operation can be a smooth process or it can be a nightmare depending on what company you use. With LB Transportation Group, you will receive the first of the two experiences, smooth and efficient. We take the experience and knowledge of our entire company to administer exceptional customer care while delivering your products within the given time frame.

Logistics is quite interesting in that nothing would be possible without a great group of individuals who contribute their time, expertise and ideas to continuously improve each division. We are your go-to business that utilizes it’s time and operation in order to move your products from Point A to Point B. Throughout the logistics process, there is much coordination with our staff and yourself to ensure a timely delivery. Each day this process is implemented with everyone working together.

Over the years, we have been able to refine our logistics operation so we can make our services more affordable than using other companies. Our team is committed to making your experience memorable and special. In doing so, we hire self-starters who are driven to succeed in all they do. This positive, can-do attitude within our company allows us to offer a variety of delivery options.

The logistics of every shipping situation is different. We’re ready to confront any obstacles that arise by paying close attention to the smallest of details involving your order. Whether you’re shipping locally or across the United States, LB Transportation Group can and will deliver your shipment in timely manner.

We can accommodate any size of shipments within our warehousing facility to meet all of your company needs and then some.
With our variety of transportation methods, your products will be shipped and delivered in a timely fashion that exceeds your logistics expectations.
From the time you hear a voice on the phone until the time your shipment is delivered to its final destination, you will receive exceptional customer care.